How to Heal Seizure on Baby Naturally List to Do

 How to heal seizure on baby naturally? Seizures, whether accompanied by fever or not, can be fatal. That is why, after giving first aid, immediately bring the baby to the hospital. Parents usually panic is not playing to find her baby with fever accompanied by seizures. His entire body shivered but stiff as wood, his hands clenched tightly and his eyes bulging.
How to Heal Seizure on Baby Naturally List to Do
 Febrile seizures are seizures that occur at an increase in body temperature (rectal temperature above 38 0 C) caused by an extracranial process. Usually occurs in children aged 6 months - 5 years. Children who have had seizures without fever, then febrile seizures again are not included in febrile seizures. If a child younger than 6 months or more than 5 years has a seizure preceded by a fever, think of other possibilities such as CNS infection, epilepsy that happens to occur with fever.
 In general, febrile seizures occur within a span of 24 hours from the start of the fever. Seizures can be focal or partial in that they involve only one side of the body, as well as general seizures in which all limbs are involved. Seizures can last for 1-2 minutes but can also last more than 15 minutes. How to heal seizure on baby naturally?

How to Heal Seizures on Baby Naturally Do and Don’t?

 Actually, it's normal for parents to get confused, but there's no need to panic too much. Because febrile seizures do often affect children under five, generally children aged 6 months to 5 years. The problem is, each child's tolerance of fever varies greatly. In children whose tolerance is low, a fever at body temperature of 38 C can already cause seizures. While in children whose tolerance is normal, seizures are only experienced if the body temperature has reached 39 C or more.
 When facing our baby who has a febrile seizure, try to be calm whenever possible. Panic will only make us not know what to do that might make a child's suffering worse.


  • Don't panic, immediately loosen his clothes and remove or discard everything that is blocking his respiratory tract.
  • Don't use alcohol or cold water to lower the body temperature of a child who has a fever. The use of alcohol is very likely to cause eye irritation and intoxication/poisoning.
  • Do not give drinks/food immediately after stopping seizures because it will only have the opportunity to make children choke.
  • Do not sit a bath with cold water, because it can cause a "short circuit" / strong collision in the brain between the heat of our baby's body temperature sit a cold bath earlier.


  • Tilt the child's body because most children who are convulsing release fluid from their mouths.
  • Immediately give fever-reducing medication once the child's body temperature passes 37.5 C.
  • Sit a bath warm water (the temperature is approximately the same as our baby's body temperature). 
  • Move hard or sharp objects that are near the child. No need to hold our baby's mouth to stay open by propping up / biting something between his teeth. 
  • Tilt the body position of our baby so that the patient does not swallow his own vomiting fluid which can interfere with breathing.

 After our baby has had a seizure, we should begin to improve our care. Especially in food intake. Because we are still in the breastfeeding period, we should also pay attention to the food we consume. Because some foods can cause and trigger initial symptoms of heat such as thrush, inflammation of the throat, cough, runny nose or dysentery. Our adequate rest time also plays a very important role in how to heal seizures on baby naturally.

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