How Treat High Fever in Toddler at Home Without Medication

 How treat high fever in toddler at home? This article is based on my experience. Thankfully, I managed to treat my child through a fever without chemical drugs at all.
 That morning I felt my child's body temperature begin to rise. At that time, he was still cheerful and his appetite was fine - as evidenced by his asking for food in the morning. Seeing him still cheerful, I did not give any treatment.
How Treat High Fever in Toddler at Home Without Medication
 It was around 10 o'clock in the morning before he arrived at wearily. Then, after I held it his body temperature was indeed getting higher. Okay, I then invited him to drink water and lie down in bed. I keep reminding him to drink water (but not by forcing him, okay?!). I also gave the child 1 spoonful of honey with a little cinnamon powder on it. I also read from an internet source on how treat high fever in toddler at home without medication.
 There is nothing impossible. That’s what I believe in. and also in my family history, we always put the word naturally rather than something chemicals. That’s why I also put this to my little family. I always taking care our family health naturally.

How Treat High Fever in Toddler at Home with No Oral Medicine

 Thankfully the fever is not accompanied by dehydration, as evidenced by children who are not extra thirsty and have sunken eyes. The fever is also not accompanied by constipation.
 I go to the kitchen. Mashed shallots and mixed with olive oil. Incidentally, our family is always available with olive oil, but it can also be with other natural oils such as coconut oil, for example. I blended the mixture of onion and olive oil throughout the child's body while the child was massaged. I also put detox foot pads on his feet to help remove bodily toxins.
 Then, we spent time watching movies. While watching the film I told him to drink fruit juice that I made myself before. The juice that I make is a mixture of cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, and honey as a sweetener.
 I believe my child's body is struggling with an infection, and what I need to do is support her body by providing the optimal environment possible. Fever is our 'friend' against bacterial infections, don't be carelessly 'downgraded' by being given a heat-lowering chemical.
 Tomorrow morning the fever had gone down, and he was cheerful again. I didn't say much and exaggerate what happened. I didn't force my son to limit their leverage. I thought forbidding children to play would not make sense. Precisely playing for a child is also one of the health therapies. After all, he played it also still in the house. Those are my experience on how treat high fever in toddler at home. Hopefully it can help you out there.

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