Tips to Reduce Fever on Pregnancy Early with no Risk

Tips to Reduce Fever on Pregnancy Early with no Risk
 Tips to reduce fever on pregnancy early - Fever can occur to anyone including pregnant women, the cause of fever during pregnancy is due to the endurance of switching functions to prioritize the protection of the fetus. This could be the reason why pregnant women are more susceptible to germs that cause coughs, colds and fever.
 Fever is a sign of systemic inflammation which is the body's normal response to various causes of fever, both from outside the body (exogenous) such as bacteria, viruses, and from the body (endogenous). Endogenous pyrogens consist of inflammatory substances that come out in the blood in the body's response to exogenous pyrogens. Get to know some tips for reducing fever on pregnancy early below!

When can a pregnant woman be said to have a fever??

 Complaints of fever during pregnancy at a certain gestational age are often felt by pregnant women. In the first months of pregnancy is the most sensitive, because in the first few weeks all the organs of the baby. Although a high fever does not cause malformations in the fetus, because that causes (viral infection), it can affect the proper development of the baby.
 Normal body temperature is in the range of 36-37 degrees Celsius, pregnant women can say fever when the temperature of pregnant women is in the range of 38 degrees Celsius, fever during pregnancy conditions must be watched because according to existing studies say that with increasing body temperature at the start pregnancy can cause interference with the growth and development of the fetus. Disorders such as congenital abnormalities, premature birth, until the death of the mother and fetus.

Tips For Reducing Fever On Pregnancy Early - No Need To Worry!

 Here are some things you can do!

Go to the doctor immediately

 It is recommended if you wait too long for the doctor's queue, immediately go to the ER because treatment will be much faster and prioritized.

Check the laboratory

 Checking blood and urine is the most basic thing to do if you want to know how high the severity of a fever. Because this can be a symptom of typhus so that proper handling can be done.


 Doctors will usually give antibiotics so that our bodies can fight the fever. It is advisable, to be frank, if you are pregnant, so the dosage and type of antibiotic can be adjusted.

Keep drinking

 One of the effects of fever is the body will easily dehydrate so you are still advised to drink. If you feel nauseous, then you can drink warm tea or warm honey water.


 Other effects of fever are difficult bowel movements and stools become hard. It is recommended to use a laxative. It's best to choose something that is as safe as a rectal laxative.

Eat as often as possible and rest completely

 Forget the activities out there, because Moms health is far more important.

Take a multivitamin

 When you have begun to enter the healing period, still take a multivitamin so that the body immediately recovered and maintained its condition.

 You need to know that fever during pregnancy will not cause a miscarriage. This is supported by several studies at this time, stating that there is no link between miscarriage with fever. So, in our tips to reduce fever on pregnancy early, we don't need to worry. Excessive worries will actually make your body respond negatively psychologically; this is not very good for pregnancy.

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